Work Culture

Work Culture

People join Illumine with the purpose of self-actualization and making deep, long lasting contributions to society. Each person needs to integrate certain apparent dichotomies to successfully grow and contribute at Illumine.

Managing Yourself

Illumine doesn’t believe in ‘formal’ measurements of people. We don’t use the ‘carrot and stick’ approach when it comes to people. We don’t micro-manage people at Illumine.

Each person in on a path to be self-managed and self-motivated with deep inner responsibility and ownership of the outcomes we are chasing.

This is especially hard to do when there are no deadlines hanging over your head.

Synthesizing Innovation & Ambiguity with Structure & Discipline

Attempting to build unique solutions for clients means working with processes that require high-levels of innovation – in which solutions and ideas are continuously evolving dynamically, products are getting re-iterated, etc. This brings in a great deal of ambiguity.

At the same time, working with large clients means working with tight deadlines / milestones and delivering quality consistently. Managing these two forces is super hard.

Synthesizing Knowledge and Action

While working in the plane of knowledge, it is easy to get lost in abstraction and elaborate intellectualization.

Illumine’s work demands going deeper into knowledge and at the same time synthesize ideas for the purpose of building products, achieving outcomes and driving results.  

Managing Collaboration and Depth Engagement

Illumine works “silolessly.” Solving every challenge and building solutions involves a matrix of practices (and practitioners) coming together to collaborate.

At the same time, Illumine’s work demands hours of silent work & study with deep thinking through and attention to detail.

Delivering value while operating in a collegial environment

Illumine doesn’t have a rigid hierarchy and a rigid seating structure with cubicles to box you in. People at Illumine move around all the time, they float about sharing ideas and having discussions with other team members & practitioners giving the office a collegial vibe. This is important to produce new and exciting ideas.