Approach & Change Framework

Approach & Change Framework

Consulting Approach

Sustainable Evolution as a core focus

We focus on helping the organization achieve sustainable business outcomes and put them on a path to evolve sustainably in the face of change. This demands going deeper than the usual consulting assignment. We build models that –

  • solve deeper underlying ‘wicked’ problems that threaten the long-term future of the business
  • bring about aspirational change in the organization to push the limits of innovation / market leadership in the coming years
Innovation in every project

We take on new challenges and build completely new answers in every project we take on. We rarely work on the same challenge twice. We always strive to take on fresh and daunting challenges that we have never solved in every project.

Co-creation with client partners 

We co-create solutions with our clients. Our clients are generally industry leaders who have deep contextual know-how and the “scar-tissue of failure” that greatly improve the quality & sophistication of the solution. 

In addition, it is crucial for clients to contribute to the solution building and thereby take ownership for the models. Without the ownership of the clients, any new approach would have no legs in the organization. 

Actualization & Assimilation at Scale 

We always build with the purpose of actualizing / implementing solutions across the organization and assimilating it into the daily work of people in the organization. Without assimilation and adoption at scale, there isn’t a sufficient network effect for genuine change in the organization.  

Design-based Work Approach

We take a design-oriented approach to building and actualizing our solutions. 

Each solution is rigorously tested, prototyped and evolved with users to ensure that the desired outcomes are replicable and scalable across the organization. 

Illumine’s Change Framework

Our approach to organizational change is deeply influenced by Swami Vivekananda’s ideas on mind, cognition, human purpose and societal transformations.

We challenge ourselves to build whole solutions that require the successful integration of four outcomes –  

Business Outcome

Enabling leaders to build future-facing business models that are not only financially value creating but also create deeper ‘contributional value’ and connect for customers in a world where products and services are getting increasingly commoditized. 

Individual Outcome

Enabling individuals in the organization to unleash their value creation / contribution capacity and find intrinsic meaning and fulfillment through their work in a world that is becoming increasingly automated and de-humanized.  

Collective Outcome 

Aligning the organizational collective to a common purpose / outcome or vision and work with a sense of enlightened self-interest (win-win) such that the total contribution made is greater the sum of its parts. 

Institutional Outcome 

Strengthening the institutional structures and processes to go beyond achieving efficiencies alone and give the space & freedom for individuals and teams to unleash contribution capacity.  

We find many large organizations struggling with the challenge of integrating all these 4 outcomes.

Most solutions are generally at odds with one or more of these outcomes – some drive business value at the cost of extracting from individuals; some focus on institutional strength and hierarchy at the cost of the collective innovation & individual meaning.

Whole solutions synthesize all four outcomes. This is a difficult challenge. We look to take on that challenge in every project.