Role Profile

Role: Business & Intervention Designer

As a Business & Intervention Designer, you get to work with large organizations with the goal of helping them transition into a new future – as agile, adaptive, continuously evolving and socially contributing entities. Through your work, you will deeply and positively impact the lives of thousands of people.

You will be working at multiple levels of the organizational change business models, institutional re-design, work models, attitudes & mindsets, etc. building unique solutions both technology-driven and otherwise. 

Your role involves –
  • Managing co-creation engagements with client leaders
  • Being part of the project team that works on the design and build of the interventions to meet the client outcomes.
  • Managing end-to-end execution and delivery of the interventions in the client setting, within tight timelines.
You can expect to be deeply, profoundly challenged and invigorated in this role – 
  1. Engaging and solving problems with leaders & executives from large organizations. 
  2. Working on and delivering unique breakthrough projects with tremendous ambiguity and enormous scale and scope of impact.
  3. Working in a knowledge-intensive environment with complex ideas, models and frameworks.
  4. Widening your thinking & perspectives on business and society 
  5. Pushing your limits
    • in terms of the contributions you make at work and
    • in terms of the knowledge  & skill-sets you build while contributing to the team.   
  • Illumine is like a football team – we have no hierarchy, working dynamically with high degrees of collaboration, with multiple people taking on multiple roles to meet the outcome, and team members enabling & helping each other to achieve their individual goals as well as collective goals.
    The most important aspect of envisioning Illumine as a football team is that the burden of deadlines, the glory of success and the pain of failure (if any) is shared collectively by the team and not individuals.   
  • Illumine has a multi-disciplinary team with people from diverse backgrounds and diverse age groups – Engineering, Management, Social Sciences and Psychology, Architects, Ethnographers, etc. Diversity of educational backgrounds and thought is deeply valued at Illumine.
Opportunities before you –
  1. In Illumine Consulting, you have the opportunity to work across ‘functional’ disciplines
    – you work on finding new client opportunities or challenges for you and the team to work on,
    – you will work on marketing and building partnerships,
    – you will work on owning (co-creating, building, delivering) client projects with greater scale and complexity and
    – you will contribute to the building firm strategy and a sustainable business engine.
  2. You also have the opportunity to explore and work anywhere in the Illumine Ecosystem
    • The Lab – Illumine Lab works on new ideas, building new practices and methodologies in the Knowledge and Cognitive Sciences.

      If you deeply value ideas as a lever for changing the world and building a new future, if you aspire to work on building books and idea products, if you aspire to go deep and solve large-complex unsolved challenges plaguing the world like climate change, etc. or have a research mode of mind and want to study how the world works, Illumine Lab is the place for you.

    • The Foundation – Illumine Foundation works on taking Illumine Lab’s solution models into large scale missions to solve key social problems in India and the world.

      If you see yourself as a revolutionary with a desire to make deep social change, if you see yourself as nation-builder, if you aspire to strengthening and awaken people to manifest their potential (through knowledge), if you aspire to impact and shape the future-generation of the country, if you seek to work on / build unique scalable educational initiatives, if you seek to manage complex multi-stakeholder initiatives with government / organizations, etc. or aspire to evangelize to & inspire youth across nation, Illumine Foundation is the place for you.